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A Message from Thailand

Written by Mike & Sandy Lynch
Greetings from Thailand! Here is an update from Mike and Sandy Lynch serving with Ethnos 360 (New Tribes Mission) in Thailand.
“Our second literacy reader is hot off the press. The title in Phu Thai means, “God is Interested in Us and Loves Us All.” This reader is written in three languages: Phu Thai, Thai, and English. It has six different stories from the bible: the story of creation, the tower of Babel, the ten commandments, the prodigal son, the rich man and the beggar, and a final story from the book Revelations that focuses on what will happen in the future. In addition, there are a selection of Psalms placed between each bible story.
The truths contained in the reader are simple and focused on the fact that God is interested in mankind and desires for them to become His children. Our purpose in developing the reader is to create interest among the people to want to learn more about God. We are truly excited to have completed this reader and are planning to start distributing books later this month. We see that there are endless opportunities to use this book as a stepping stone to raise up the people who will want to know more about God and His desire for them. But even more importantly than that, that they would come to trust Christ as their savior and become our brothers and sisters in the Lord.”
Our prayers are with Mike, Sandy, and the Phu Thai people of Thailand.

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